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In this easy-to-follow program that blends into a mom's new (and busy) lifestyle, LaReine, a fitness expert, model, and exercise guru, emphasizes realistic weight loss, positive self-image, and renewed overall fitness, helping new mothers feel great and energetic. Detailed photos walk the reader through the step-by-step process of weight loss, featuring exercises that jumpstart fitness while targeting specific problems like losing belly fat and toning upper arms. Stressing minimum effort and maximum results, moms gain strength, flexibility, and endurance from quick ten minute sessions that can be accomplished in their homes without expensive equipment or a babysitter. 


Lose That Baby Fat! by LaReine Chabut takes a sensible approach to post-pregnancy exercise. (L.A. Times)

LaReine Chabut, author of Lose That Baby Fat!, shows you how to get rid of extra flab with only 20 minutes of exercise a day...Anyone can benefit from the workouts in this book. (National Examiner)

Lose That Baby Fat: Bouncing Back The First Year After Having A Baby: A Mom-friendly Fitness Program by La Reine Chabut is an informative exploration and encouraging mapping and reference for women worried about not being able to lose their post-natal weight. Diligently guiding its readers through the expertise and knowledgeable strategies of the author, Lose That Baby Fat offers a thoroughly "reader friendly" understanding of how and what makes a body work to lose fat and weight after having a baby. Lose That Baby Fat is very highly recommended for all mothers and soon-to-be mothers as an easy-to-follow, helpful reference for quick and effective post-natal weight loss. Midwest Book Review

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