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#GirlsTrip with Momgevity

Most moms just need a few hours of freedom from the kids (no matter how old they are) to feel recharged and revitalized-present company included. The best part of launching my new brand Momgevity is that I get to check out all the fun spots to take moms to. Any excuse to getaway and take a break is a good one, right? Well, after years of helping moms LoseThatBabyFat with workouts & life coaching, I felt it was finally time to do the fun stuff...yep, that being wine tasting, lying poolside, spa treatments and sharing camaraderie-basically doing absolutely nothing that has to do with kids.

Here I offer a few photos of one amazing afternoon at just one of our MomgevityDayCations (good if you only have an afternoon to getaway), or if you have a weekend, go for the Mother's Day gift you really want this year and take a much needed Momgevity Getaway at the beautiful OmniLaCosta in San Diego with us! Whatever you do, take some time for yourself and don't forget, Moms rule the world:)

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